Merchant Payment Solutions

Let’s face it, the old days of a cash register on the counter are long gone.

Successful retailers are using modern technology to improve the customer experience by accepting multiple payment options like EMV and Contactless credit & debit cards; ApplePay, SamsungPay and AndroidPay; Bank Checks; and, Rewards Points.

The Retailer Solutions from Atlantic Webs help clients implement and manage these new technologies in a logical, low-impact manner, so to (1) not disturb operations and to (2) meet the ever more stringent regulations of the credit card industry. Our service plans run the full-gamut of Mobile Processing for table-side and in-field payments; Counterstation devices for dispersed placement in stores and kiosks; and an expansive set of payment offerings and integrations from CardConnect and BluePay for your EMV terminals, Ecommerce sites, QuickBooks and favorite applications.


Merchant Payment Solutions: Clover Flex & Clover Go
……Subscriptions are priced per merchant.

Merchant Payment Solutions: Clover Station & Clover Mini
…… Subscriptions are priced per merchant.

Merchant Payment Solutions: CardConnect & BluePay for Shops & Ecommerce
…..Subscriptions are priced per merchant.

Merchant Payment Solutions: Current Options
The Options for these services is being updated. Please check back soon.


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