Backup Internet & Cellular Access

Atlantic Webs provides subscribers with fully managed backup Internet circuits and cellular access circuits. The technologies we use include DSL, Cable, Fiber, Leased Line, and Cellular, which are bundled with managed services, provisioning, technical support and network design, as a comprehensive service. While we do not replace our subscriber’s DSL, Cable, or Fiber circuits, we do offer a service plan which allows us to manage those resources along with the circuits we provide.

Backup Internet & Cellular Access: Backup Internet
Atlantic Webs provides Backup Internet circuits from US and Canadian-based major carriers and network operators with strong credentials and up-time histories. Our circuits are typically used for Internet Access, VOIP Telephone Communications, Internet Video Surveillance and Site-to-Site Networking. Subscriptions are priced per circuit..

Backup Internet & Cellular Access: Cellular Access
Atlantic Webs provides Cellular Access circuits from major carriers including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Rogers and Bell Canada. Our circuits are billed either flat-rate or per Mb of bandwidth, and allow for multi-line consolidation. They are used for Router Failover, Temporary Project Sites, and Disaster Recovery Applications. Subscriptions are priced per circuit.

Backup Internet & Cellular Access: Current Options
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