SSL/Digital Certificates

As the Internet as grown in popularity, so too have the number of attempts to steal information and property from users. For years the credit card industry was one of the main driver’s behind using SSL encryption to secure Internet websites and businesses who didn’t have online stores safely ignored the efforts to tighten security. In the Spring of 2019 Google, which updated its Chrome browser to report HTTP websites as “Not Secure“, has become one of the main proponents for “SSL security everywhere’. I guess you can say that “the day has finally arrived when everybody who uses the Internet needs to concern themselves with security”.

As part of our commitment to helping our subscribers to learn and implement Best Practice Methodologies, we provide Digital Certificates for web servers, email servers, email clients, UCC servers, VOIP servers and IOT devices.

SSL/Digital Certificates: SSL & TLS Certificates
SSL Certificates are like a “signature guarantee” issued by a bank and ensure that all data passed between a customer’s browser and your website remains. SSL encryption prevents hackers from stealing private information Getting an Authenticated Certificate requires the submission of a formal application and can be issued in 1-3 days..Subscriptions are priced by certificate type and term. .

SSL/Digital Certificates: Email and Code Signing Certificates
Our Email Certificates enable end-to-end encryption of corporate email by leveraging the industry standard S/MiIME protocol. Our Code Signing Certificates allow developers to digitally sign applications to meet the requirements of Microsoft and other software publishers. Subscriptions are priced by certificate type and term.

SSL/Digital Certificates: Current Options
Atlantic Webs provides a full suite of security products for the needs of business, medical, government and retail users including Trial Certificates and Trial Website Scanning.

We offer more than 45 different SSL certificates from leading Certificate Authorities (CA’s):

Sectigo DV SSL, DV SSL Wildcard
Sectigo Positive SSL, Positive SSL Wildcard
Sectigo Essential SSL, Essential SSL Wildcard
Sectigo Instant SSL, Instant SSL Premium
Sectigo Premium SSL Wildcard
Sectigo EV SSL
Sectigo S/MIME Email Certificate
Sectigo Code Signing Certificate
DigiCert SSL Plus, SSL Plus Wildcard, EV SSL Plus
Symantec SSL Lite, SSL Lite Wildcard
Symantec Secure Site, Secure Site Pro, Secure Site EV, Secure Site Pro EV
Symantec Code Signing Certificate
Thawte SSL 123, SSL Webserver, SSL Webserver EV, SSL Wildcard
Thawte Code Signing Certificate
GeoTrust Quick SSL, Quick SSL Premium
GeoTrust True Business ID, True Business ID EV, True Business ID Wildcard
Trustwave Domain-Vetted SSL, Wildcard SSL
Trustwave Premium SSL, Premium SSL EV
RapidSSL RapidSSL Basic

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